How has scoliosis surgery helped the patients?

Scoliosis and the nervous system

Scoliosis is a condition whose root cause is not yet known and causes a deformation of the spinal cord. The x-ray sheets will often portray the deformation as the letter ‘c’ or‘s’. For the deformation to qualify to be called scoliosis, it should deviate at least ten degrees from the normal spinal cord alignment.

The condition has been recently established to stem from the central nervous system. It is for this reason that during the scoliosis surgery the nerves tend to be affected. Surgery is normally done in extreme conditions where the curvature is more than 45 degrees.


Usually, a lot of consultation has to be done before the surgery is done and most people are advised to seek more than one opinion from the orthopedic physician when surgery seems to be the ultimate option.

Scoliosis surgery may trigger some complications and this treatment has to be done with a lot of caution. In most cases paralysis is documented to be the worst case scenario with the skin sensation being lost and the side effects from the surgery to the nerves may be permanent or temporary.

Benefits of the surgery

Unlike the braces whose results may take longer, the surgery may take a shorter period of time and the improvement seen.

Surgeries have been shown to help who had extreme curvature and the treatment has given them chance for a much better life. The surgery has also helped those with the condition to be involved in social activities that they could not do before. The stigma from being self conscious of the image was also averted as the surgery made them appear normal and helped in boosting their self esteem.

Surgeries are usually done in situations where lack of the surgery will result in greater risk. As such the physician by recommending the surgery helps you to avert much pain, the pain could be as a result of back aches or persistent headaches and chest pain that may have become resistant to painkillers.

The surgery is also done to help protect internal organs of the upper body. Organs like lungs and the heart are at great risks as the curvature continues the rib cage may be damaged and the spinal cord can adversely affect the organs. In such a case surgeries are beneficial and timely if doe early enough before the damage progreses.

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Finding Quality Printing For the Business Persons

It is important that you find a great printing company that can offer quality services for your business. You can achieve just anything with quality printing; from pleasing your target clients to the creation of good image amongst your business partners. Through quality and efficient printing, good printing companies help you to remain successful in business.

Through quality printing, a business person may be in a position to speak about their company in their physical absence. Nicely printed brochures can speak volumes to the world. Still, people may be ready to keep nicely printed business cards as opposed to the poorly printed types. You will easily interact with people and win the hearts of many just through proper printing job.

What is quality printing?

Quality printing means that:

  • There is high resolution. Certain numbers are used to identify the quality of printing resolution.
  • The color representation is perfect.
  • Paper quality is good enough in that it has good texture and can absorb ink well.

Best printing china companies invest in machines and paper work that can help you find quality printing.


Other than just provide any kind of printing, a company should be able to meet the specifications of the client. You must be able to find the exact thing that you are searching for; whether you need certain fonts or graphics on your print outs. A good company will listen to your needs and let you know whether they have the capacity to offer the quality you need or not.

Whereas many people associate quality printing with less speed, the best machines are designed to do quick printing. Individuals should find the best company that can handle bulk and quality printing.

You should be able to get a sample of the printing product that you are searching for before you offer any contract to the printing china company. A sample will help you to know what you should expect in the long run. Essentially, you should compare the sample offered to you against the quality that you are searching for to determine whether a company is worthwhile or not.

Quality and Affordable Printing

Quality china printing does not necessarily mean that you should part with all the money. Rather, it means that you should be able to find a good rate for quality printing needs. People doing bulk printing will always find a good rate as opposed to people in need of a few copies of print outs. Still negotiating for a lower price can help you to find the most affordable price for you. Note that you must compromise on the quality of printing as you try to find a better rate.

It is only by finding quality printing the business person can succeed. There are companies that specialize on such kind of services, and can be located online. They are not only able to do quality and efficient printing, but they are able to provide services to people from all over the world. They can make quick shipping arrangements for you upon request.

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Recumbent Exercise Bikes – Advantages –The best Fitness Tool

A recumbent bike is an excellent way for you to get a workout with low cardiovascular activity. Using a bike won’t have the same painful effect as running on your joints, and it gives your body more of a workout. Whether you simply need something to help you during the seasons, or you need something to help in joint strengthening, a recumbent bike is a great purchase.

Recumbent bikes are excellent for getting your body tight, toned fit and ready for summer, whether you’re hitting the beach or just trying to get a tan, they pack a power punch of calorie burning workout every time you get on one.


A recumbent bike is an excellent

This power house machine gives you a full body workout while stimulating your muscle mass to retain body structure and physique. Use the interval exercise routine to get the most out of your workout while trying to lose weight and also to get more toned Abs, strengthened Quads and calf muscles. Interval training is a short, intense form of cardio exercise. The machine informs you when you are doing between 10 to 11 miles and burning between 500 to 800 calories during every workout set.


I recommend recumbent bikes for people with knee pain. It is the answer when you cannot use a stationary bike.  When you used a stationary bike and felt like something was moving around inside your knee and your knee when you peddled then a recumbent bike is just for you. They are very reasonably priced and do the trick as they do not put the stress on the knee like the other bikes.

Many physicians and trainers best recommend and most use recumbent bikes. Recumbent bikes are great for people of unusual fitness levels. One is more likely to come up with your own custom over occasion, the bikes are safer, and there are various benefits for both men and women.


This works for also the least active people who find will get a recumbent work out bike easy and great to utilize. You can as well adjust the settings to suite your needs. Overweight people will definitely find the seat much larger and more comfortable than other exercise bikes.

It’s a fact that a recumbent bike is suitable for all people it will keep you hooked on the bike. If you’re feeling tired or lazy, you can have an easy workout while reading books and newspapers at the same time. If you want to test your limits, you can set the machine to more challenging levels, to get a better body workout by add some extra weights.

The programs that are offered by recumbent bikes keep the workout fresh and free from boredom. You can simulate a routine that is easy or difficult. While purchasing a recumbent bike, it’s better to get one bike with different variations. So go ahead get your work out together and get that body you’ve been yarning for.


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How Easy Is It To Make Espresso With An Espresso Machine At Home

Making good espresso at home especially for your guest can be considered as very big achievement. Note that making espresso calls for so much attention as well as practice. The basis of it all is dependent on the best espresso machines which you can get on retail. To begin with, it is very important for you to make proper research on the best espresso machines and how you do this is through customer based espresso machine reviews. If for instance the budget is the major problem, you can always go for a smaller good quality but cheaper machine. Probably the only challenge here will be on the quantity, but the quality should be really good. The good thing about espresso machines is that they offer you quick service, meaning you can make many cups of espresso at different intervals.

the best espresso machines


  • The first very important step to take is on ingredients. You need to get purified water and ground espresso beans ready for use.
  • Roasts are different so you need to research on the type that you will need.
  • Be sure to get fresh roast. Otherwise if you get roast that has been open long overdue the espresso will not taste fresh.
  • Have a quality grinder ready. It is best when the beans are home made but then again your grinder must be top notch. What you need is finely ground beans. If not, go right ahead and buy readily ground beans from your nearest coffee shop.
  • Purified water heated to 200F is what you need. Avoid mineral water at all cost. Again, do not use boiled water this will actually limit production of standard coffee.
  • Ground coffee amount: Depending on the size of your espresso machine as well as the amount you want to prepare, determine the amount of ground coffee you will need. Getting the amount right will absolutely give you good end results.

Basically, preparing espresso in your home can be a very good treat for you, your family as well as your guests.

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Forskolin is widely known as a weight loss natural product whose active ingredient was extracted from a plant. The plant whose root is in India and has been used to treat various ailments since time immemorial is in the mint family and the myriad health benefits that are being discovered daily continue to surpass expectation and baffle the minds of many scientists.

Emerging research has shown that the forskolin product can be supplemented with artichoke for even greater results. Ideally, it is recommended that when buying a forskolin product, one should go for products that have at least 10% of forskolin as this is the effective percentage required to have any effect in your body as regarding to weight loss. Anything less than the 10% is insignificant and should be ignored while in the market. The product is taken as recommended in a 2 to 3 dosage for a greater effect. To supplement this dosage, it is recommended to take artichokes with a dosage that ranges between 500mg to 900mg. For better results, the artichokes should be taken at night to avert any fatigue associated with artichoke extract and forskolin side effects.

Forskolin as a weight loss product works by increasing the body’s cAMP molecule. cAMP known as cyclic adenosine monophosphate is known to be in low concentrations in people who are obese. The increase in cAMP levels activates the production of two vital hormones that are important to weight loss and are thyroid hormone and hormone sensitive lipase. The presence of the hormones help the body to increase metabolism and burn fatty acids stored in the adipose tissue. Artichoke as a supplement helps to make sure that the cAMP levels in the body do not increase beyond what they are supposed to and thus acts as a balance to ensure the proper balance is maintained.

So far, artichoke extract and forskolin side effects have not been documented and there has been shown to be a tremendous brain function when the two ingredients are combined together, this will range from better memory function, heightened memory performance and new information retention.

As a side note artichoke extract and forskolin side effects once detected should be reported immediately to the attending physician. It is paramount that one also gets an approval of using the products together before commencing the treatment. Some herbal product have adverse effects on others and works favorably well with others and it is important that you know what works well for your body.



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Features of Duette Blinds – A Great Way to Save Power

Duette blinds from the best company, have become a fan favorite among individuals from all over the globe. This is especially because of the very many amazing features that consumers enjoy. These features are what have set this product apart from others. They have made these blinds the leaders in the market in various cities. Some of the features include:

State of the art operating systems

A lot of blinds use cords and wires to operate them. Unfortunately, they run the risk of entanglement. This could be quite unsightly, and it could also be dangerous for young ones. However, the duette blinds use a different operating mechanism. They use the state of the art Listerine and SmartCord technology in order to work effectively. The client never has to worry about any of the wires being caught in this mechanism.

Motorization options


For those who would like an even simpler operating mechanism, these blinds offer a motorization option. These blinds are even easier to use and simpler to operate. This is because they use a switch or a simple remote control to operate them. This mechanism enhances the safety of the blinds, while ensuring that the owner can precisely control them while closing and opening.

Light control

Consumers can request for a two-in-one blinds setup that makes it easy for them to combine different contrasting colours. With this setup, they will be able to have blinds in a darker and lighter shade. This means that they can make the room lighter or darker, whenever they need to. They can benefit from the different transparency levels with these blinds. Furthermore, with all the available options in terms of thickness and color, they will be able to enjoy limitless possibilities.

Variety of color

When designing a home, a lot of homeowners have specific colors in mind. Fortunately, the designers at Duette have taken this into account. Consumers can be assured of a great color variety, from transparent blinds to blackout and opaque ones. This means that they can get the type of light control that they desire. Furthermore, they can have varying degrees of daylight and privacy. The blinds themselves are specifically designed to draw in as well as diffuse daylight into the room. With so many colours to choose from, a homeowner can get blinds that will add beauty, style and value to their home.

Beauty and style

While functionality is always important, beauty and style cannot be ignored. In fact, beauty and functionality should go hand in hand. That is why the designers like at have worked hard to ensure that their blinds have a lot of both. The blinds are very beautifully designed, and they are very stylish. Therefore, they will be able to suit the tastes and preferences of all types of customers.


The duette blinds were designed after a lot of thought and research. All of these features were added in order to make it the ideal package for any homeowner. The unique features are not available everywhere, as they are combined in these blinds in a way that makes them perfect for any home.

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Structured settlement cash outs are the amounts of money that you receive after selling your structured settlement.

Benefits of Structured settlements cash outs

Structured settlements cash outs allow an individual to have a change from inflexibility to flexibility of their annuity payments. For instance, before the owner sells his structured settlements, he receives a limited amount of money per month. The amount can hardly be enough to push him through a month and an additional week. Also, he cannot have aces to the money when he needs it yet it is kept in his account. Nonetheless, when it is sold and he gets the cash, he will be free to have access to the money and spend it as his needs arise. This improves its flexibility because of the access and withdrawal at your disposal unlike the fixed monthly payments that the banks decided on your behalf regarding the time when you would receive the cash and the specific amount that you would get.


It is possible to earn profit from your Structured Settlement Cash Out when you sell your settlements to funding institutions. Often, some financial institutions will pay additional amounts to the amount that you would receive especially when the amount was initially fixed but spread throughout your lifetime. No one can tell the time when you would pass on. Hence, such institutions will calculate the amount that was left from your structured settlements and give an additional amount as a reward for the transaction. When this happens, you will have earned profit rather than a loss from the sale.

Structured settlement cash outs can save the plaintiff from losses that arise from the structured settlements. Often, you will pay for annuity commissions whenever a transaction of payment or withdrawal is made from your structured settlements. Each commission charged reduces the amount that you should earn. On the other hand, when you sell your structured settlements, you will only be taxed. The tax is also incurred in your periodic payments creating no difference between them. Also, when you have your structured settlement cash outs, you will be free from the commission implying they you will not have to meet the costs but save them.

You should consider selling your structured settlement today if these benefits seem appealing to you. It is your money and you should be free to have access to it and to spend it in the manner that you find worthwhile.


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VA beach hotels oceanfront – Key Benefits

We all love spending holiday trips on beaches. Remaining close to the ocean certainly fills up our heart with joy and freshness. This is the reason why a lot of people prefer to choose beaches as their holiday spots, which explains the huge numbers of visitors the Virginia Beach receive every year. Located in the state of Virginia, or VA, the beach has turned out to be quite popular owing to its natural beauty. However, there are couples of things more that make VA beach so popular among the tourists, such as music concert, water parks, aquariums, shopping stalls, and many more. If you are planning to visit the Virginia Beach then we have some really cool ideas for you, which can add more fun to your holiday trip.

Oceanfront Hotels in VA

Well, one of the key ideas would be to go for oceanfront hotels in the Virginia Beach. For those who do not know, oceanfront hotels are the ones that are located right in front of the beach. And, such hotels provide excellent view of the ocean. You can choose from numerous options when it comes to VA beach hotels oceanfront, as a lot of investors from the tourism world have put in their money to build such hotels. After all, it feels amazing to get a view of the ocean right from your hotel room, particularly during the dawn and dusk. However, there are couples of things you need to keep in mind before choosing any oceanfront hotel in Virginia Beach. Some of the benefits and key aspects of oceanfront hotels in VA are mentioned below:


  • Oceanfront hotels in the Virginia Beach provide easy access to the shopping stalls and restaurants nearby, which in turn can save a lot of time and energy for you. In short, it can make a trip to the beach a simple affair for everyone.
  • During off seasons, the prices of oceanfront hotels in the Virginia Beach come down considerably. And, you can definitely utilize this opportunity to save some bucks and at the same time, enjoy your holiday in a better way. Moreover, during the off seasons, porpoises and dolphins make runs along the sea shore, which can be a thrilling experience for you and your family.
  • Another advantage of choosing VA beach hotels oceanfront would be that you will be able to enjoy different shows like music concert, beach sport events, etc.
  • When booking an oceanfront hotel, one thing you have to keep in your mind that you are actually sharing the shoreline of Virginia Beach with your neighboring families. So, in some cases, you might not get absolute privacy when strolling down the beach.

So, those were some of the key benefits and aspects of choosing an oceanfront hotel in VA. However, before zeroing down your option, make sure you evaluate the options available, and then only book your accommodation. To know more about the oceanfront hotels in the Virginia Beach, you can visit the website of Vbhotels.

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Everything you should know about STD testing!

STD testing in Orlando FL is not as simple as it sounds and there are a number of things that you must know about STD testing if you are sexually active. Why and when a person is tested for STD? What are the processes involved in the testing of STD? Why is it important to get yourself tested? If you were looking for the answers to such questions then learn everything about getting your tested today!

The basics of STD testing:

Every adult whether involved in sexual activities or not must possess some amount of knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases. A regular check up for STD is mandatory for people who are actively involved in sexual activities. The danger of STD is higher for people who are involved in sexual activities with more than one person. Now if you are thinking about getting yourself tested then you can easily contact your local doctor. In most of the cases, the STD testing is performed at the doctor’s laboratory or clinic. There are various kinds of sexually transmitted diseases and you might be tested for the relevant ones only based on your symptoms. These tests are based on blood samples and urine samples.


The mantra to stay safe from STD is to get treatment as soon as possible. Moreover it is also easy to treat a sexually transmitted disease in its earlier stage. So if you see STD symptoms in your body, contact your nearest local doctor for getting yourself tested. In fact once you suspect STD in your body, you should take your partner too for the checkup.

Importance of testing:

Most of the people overlook the importance of getting themselves tested for STD which is the reason why they fail to maintain good health of their partner as well as of themselves. According to a recent survey it was found that 65% of the people fail to get the treatment of STD on time because they don’t even know that they are suffering from one! This vital statistics has forced the government to spread awareness among the common man about the importance of STD testing.

STD tests are very simple and are conducted at a number of places now. With a simple quick test, you can easily ensure the safety of you and your partner. The treatment of STD is also very simple and some of the common sexually transmitted diseases can even be cured with just antibiotics. So the first step in order to live a healthy life is to get tested!

It is also your duty to get yourself tested for STD routinely so that you can protect yourself and your partner from any kind of sexually transmitted danger. If you are worried about your confidentiality then it is important for you to know that most of such tests are kept secret and the identity of the test takers are not revealed to anybody. STD testing in Orlando FL is safe and can help you in leading a healthy life.

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Types of home security systems

Now days everyone is worried about problems like burglary and theft. We can never expect everything to work out the way we want. The crime rates are increasing day by day and the burglars are finding new ways to break into houses which often comes to us as a surprise. A guard might be standing on your front door but what if the burglar creeps in from the backyard window. Such unwanted accidents including fire are things that we never want to take place in our house. To prevent such unwanted accidents we can easily install Houston home security devices in our houses.

Various kinds of home security systems

Fire alarm

There are a number of security systems available today and it is ultimately your choice to decide which one of them is appropriate for you.

  • Electronic systems: These are the most preferred security systems because they are intelligent enough to not only detect burglary in your house but also report them back to the monitoring companies which in turn can call the police. These are highly reliable devices with several built in features and a central control panel.
  • Heat and smoke detectors: Although the initial launch of security systems did not come with a heat detector but now days almost every security system comes with a fire detection facility. It becomes very hectic for the customer to install several kinds of security mechanism in their houses which is the major reason why fire detection was incorporated with the home security.
  • Camera: The digital cameras are installed throughout the house to keep a track of unwanted happenings within the house. These cameras are installed with the permission of the owner and may include places like the front door or the gate and other portions of the house which are highly susceptible to the intruders.
  • Wireless systems: Wireless systems are the latest invention in the security world. These are small devices which can send radio waves to the local police once it detects any kind of unusual activity. These wireless devices are small and can be placed anywhere within the house without being noticed. It depends upon the user whether they wish to generate an alarm or just send a radio signal to the police.
  • Fingerprint locks: The fingerprint locks are high end technological feature which might be costly at times. These systems are highly suitable for houses which do not have many members. The doors are opened and closed only with the help of fingerprints.

These various kinds of Houston home security systems are available at a number of stores. However most of the people today prefer to get a company who can install everything at their end. These companies offer a number of services including all of the above mentioned ones. So you can easily hire a company to get a system installed at your end. These high end gadgets help in securing your house from every corner. They also make sure that you get proper help from the police if you are being intruded.

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Database administrator interview questions

    Database administrator job is a challenging job with high responsibilities in securing the data and making the data available to the users. The fate of the company rests in the hands of the database administrator because he/she is solely responsible for the management of the data. The job demands employees who have good concentration and good organizational skills who can secure the most sensible data of the organization.

        Many challenging questions are thrown at candidates who have applied for the database administrator job. A lot is stressed on questions from topics such as SQL server, MySQL, Oracle, data modeling, back up compression, altering, application tools, ReDo log, table and clusters.

The candidate has to prepare thoroughly on topics related to database management. One cannot make out what type of questions can be asked in the interview. It’s obvious that very experienced personnel would be conducting the interview, so one need to find ways of pleasing the one who is conducting the interview.

The candidate can also be questioned on the latest management technologies available, so the candidate must be able to adapt to the new technologies and strategies to secure the data quickly and efficiently.

There are lots of journals available on DBMS, candidate needs to take the interview very seriously and prepare with keen concentration on FAQ’s. A candidate has to refer to various online questions that have been put up by the candidates who have attended interviews earlier. One gets to learn a lot through their experiences.

Some of the questions asked in the interviews are listed below.

  1. Explain, what is synonym?

Ans. As the name suggests, synonym is a replacement which can be used to simplify names which are complex. A synonym is the simplest way of labeling a database object which makes it more understandable.

  1. Can you explain what referential integrity is?

Ans. It is a rule which is defined to insert a row in a table. It can also specify the data type which has been inserted into the row.

  1. How do you define a data block size?

Ans. It is specified when a database is created on an ORACLE database.

  1. How does an optimizer function?

Ans. The function of an optimizer is to execute the SQL statement.

  1. What is a log switch?

Ans. It is a situation where ORACLE stops writing on online redo log and starts writing on another log.


  1. Can u explain what a cluster key is?

Ans. Columns in a table are called cluster keys. The value is stored in the cluster key only once and can be used for multiple tables.

  1. What are the types of database links?

Ans. There are three types of database links which ORACLE allows us to create.

One is a Private database link where, only the owner of the private database link can have an access to the data and objects. A PL subprogram also has access to that data.

The other is Public database link where all the users and also the PL subprogram has an access to the data and database objects.

Last is the global database link. This is similar to a public database link, all the users including the PL subprogram can access the data and the database objects. Name server in the system generates the global database link and manages it.

Private database link is more secure than a public database link.

  1. How do you start a database?

Ans. First we need to begin an instance then mount the database after which we can open the database.

  1. Which default storage parameters cannot be altered after a tablespace is created?

Ans. After the tablespace has been created we cannot change the INITIAL and MINEXTENS values.

  1. Is full backup possible when the database is open and accessible?

Ans. No, it is not possible.

  1. How do you shut down database?

Ans. First we need to close the database and then the database is dismounted after which we can shut down the database.

  1. What are the advantages of operating in an archivelog mode than in no archievelog mode?

Ans. Database can be recovered only in the archivelog mode at times of disk failure. If one is operating in the archivelog mode online data backup is also an option.

  1. Define archived redo log?

Ans. Redo log files are present in the archived redo log that have been archived before being reused.

  1. Does view have data?

Ans. No, view does not contain nor stores any data. It is void with a different function.

  1. How are tablespace, data file and data base related?

Ans. Databases are divided into tablespaces and data files are created for each table space.

At times, the senior DBA may ask questions that are illogical, so it is important you listen to the questions with keen interest and answer the question to the required extent.

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The eyelash extension v/s mascara application

The eyelash extensions are a beauty add-on for women. It is good way to get ready in less time for busy women who get less time to apply makeup. Hence, it saves on your time. Mascara is a chemical which is used to a beautiful thickening to your lashes so that they look big and beautiful.

There is always a dilemma among women whether to go for this treatment of eyelash extensions or simply depend on the mascaras.

There are many distinguishing factors which can be considered for both the options

The macro female eye

  • The artificial eyelashes are good for those who have short and thin eyelashes. It can make a world of difference to them. They can get rid of the daily mascaras and also apply them if they want. If the eyelashes are professionally applied they will make a lot of difference, cheap treatments can cost you dearly in future.
  • It takes a lot of time to apply mascara and at the end of the day either it evaporates or vanishes or spreads on your eyelids giving it an ugly look. On the other hand, the eyelashes do not hurt on being stuck and do not fall off easily with regular maintenance.
  • Also, mascaras contain chemicals which if goes inside the eyes can cause irritation and burning sensations. However, during the whole extension process your eyelids are closed, hence there is no scope of any chemicals or adhesives entering your eyes.
  • Also, the extension is a onetime process, and then you are relieved from the makeup tension for around a complete year.
  • One needs to remove mascara everyday using cleansing milk so that it does not spread on your face. Also, after special occasions one can remove the eyelashes with the help of professionals.


One loophole is the maintenance of the artificial eyelashes

The artificial eyelashes are stuck on your natural eyelashes with formaldehyde glue. Hence, the bond is easily breakable in case it comes in contact with water. Hence constant care is required to be taken while taking a shower, washing your hair, scratching and rubbing your eyes is a big no-no. Also, all this can be considered a little fussy by some as these are steps to prevent the eyelashes falling apart.

Hence, it is a matter of choice between mascara and eyelash extensions. One must also know the three worrying myths among women like the artificial eyelashes damage the natural lashes and their growth. Also, when you remove the artificial eyelashes the natural eyelashes either fall off or become short. These are all false myths which apprehend women from going ahead for the extensions.

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How to understand HCG levels chart easily?

The natural cycle of women becoming pregnancy and struggling to bring in the next generation is always a custom and hence there is no excuse to this process irrespective of the job she is in. Even the prime minister or president of the country should also have to do the same thing. Thus the questions one would have on the HCG levels would be very common and straight forward. The first question one would have is “Do HCG levels appear only during pregnancy?”

One should answer yes to this question unless the women are following the HCG diet plan along with taking the liquid hcg drops for the purpose of reducing the weight. If at all women are taking the drops for weight loss purpose then there are situations where the blood reports or the urine reports are likely to have the HCG levels increased by a minor count. Also in women taking the drops for weight loss, the HCG levels are more noticed in the blood than in urine. Only in the cases of pregnancy the levels are found to be high in urine that is determined by conducting some special tests.

Unless there are any complications in the pregnancy it is not recommended that people do the HCG tests at home. They are done rather in the hospital to know the levels during different weeks. Also unless it is a critical case, it is not mandatory to do the HCG test every week even in the hospital. If at all individuals are more curious about pregnancy they can validate their HCG levels with the test that can be done at home but should be able to understand the HCG levels that are given in the chart. However, one should not be worried if the results of the tests do not match to what is given in the chart. The chart acts as a reference against which the actual results should be compared but not recommended for the individuals to react more even for the small differences.


Only after third week individuals could start experiencing the HCG hormone released by the placenta and hence one should follow the tests from the third week which would usually give the HCG levels at 5 to 50 mIU/ml. In certain situations as discussed above when the women are on drops and diet plan this count could be quite confusing so better wait for one more week and see if the count increases from 50 to 426 which is the normal count that is supposed to be present in the pregnant lady. If this week also gives the output of just 5mIU/ml then you wait for one additional week which is when you would go into 5th week of pregnancy and should be able to find nearly 7340 hcg levels while the minimum at this stage could be just 18 which may also indicate the possible danger for the women losing her pregnancy thus leaving sorrow for her.

This is when the individuals should approach doctors with the HCG levels noticed at home. The doctor would then react seeing the HCG levels done by the patient as well as performing one additional round of HCG test to confirm that the results are matching with those provided by you which are low. It is possible that the individuals would not have done the test properly due to which the low levels are recorded, hence is the reason the next round of tests are done by doctors to confirm the same. If the individuals do not notice any slowness in the HCG levels then they can monitor for the next coming weeks in reference to the chart that they have with them and get excited for being pregnant. Get ready to invite new member into the family.

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Understand the hype surrounding green coffee

Obesity is one of the most dangerous physical conditions considering the amount of spectrum of diseases it encompasses within itself. Gaining excess of weight is easy but when you have to lose that weight there is only hard work ahead of you. There is no end to the list of endless weight loss supplements available in the market today. However, it is also an accepted fact that these numerous options be it herbal or chemical seldom work. The latest to make its way into the field of healthy options for weight loss is green coffee. It has been claimed that this provides yet another effortless method of losing weight. Therefore, before you go ahead and buy green coffee pure, let us look at facts concerning it!

What exactly is green coffee?

Not many of you may be aware as to what exactly it is. Simply put it is the coffee bean that retains all its good properties because it has not been roasted. This helps it to retain a naturally beneficial ingredient called chlorogenic acid. This is that component of green coffee that is responsible for the long list of claims that have been made by people all over the world. When you buy green coffee pure, you not only get to lose weight but on the other hand, you get so much from it that you cannot even imagine. Green coffee works in majestic ways by not letting your body absorb fat and act as an appetite suppressant.

This is however, not all because green coffee has tons of antioxidants that fight the free radicals in the body. These free radicals are caused by stress, unhealthy food etc. and eventually lead to a variety of diseases as well as ageing of your body. Therefore, green coffee armed with antioxidants can help you stay young and fit. This helps boost your immunity and in the end, give you a disease free life. Calling it a cup of joy, will be more apt!


How can you use it to boost your health?

You may be wondering as to what exactly is the way in which you can use it to maximize the benefits that you can derive from it. It is considered as a very safe form of supplement and with some dietary restrictions like taking a high fiber and low fat diet might help with losing weight more efficiently. To those of you who are taking medications, it is advisable that you consult your own doctor about whether or not it is okay for you to be consuming green coffee. Therefore, buy green coffee pure to yield the maximum results within a span of few days.

You can always choose to consume the beans instead of any product, because beans would be a more natural and potent source of chlorogenic acid. Therefore, consuming them in their raw form may be more acceptable to some for the simplicity in obtaining benefits. Hence, make sure that no matter what you try, green coffee as an option for your weight loss and soon enough you will see the results for yourself!

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Factors to decide the type of search engine listings for your website

While the SEO experts would have cleared at the BlackHat World Conference about the two types of search engine listings that would be available for any website, one should be able to quickly understand which option would be best suitable for their business. For this there are certain factors which you should throw some effort into for better understanding and making a better decision.

Size of the budget:

Irrespective of the size of the website you are promoting in online mode, you should be very much concerned about the budget that you have set for online advertisement. Knowing this budget is very much useful in deciding the type of listings you should go for. If you are very new to the business, then spending more on a daily basis would be tough in which scenarios the PPC should be opted with the low budget as low as $5 per day.

In the situations when there is literally no budget then the SEO methods are best and effective ways of getting the website into organic listings.

Situations to decide:


It is possible that you have put lot of your efforts in designing the website in accordance with the SEO standards and achieved the best ranking. Even then it would be painful to know that the SEO algorithms are likely to change from time to time due to which you should iterate the whole process for getting top into the listings each time the algorithms change.

As you could not immediately get the organic listings according to the changed algorithms the best way to address this is to go with PPC so that the users would still be able to find you and place the orders on your site as usual. This problem with SEO algorithm changes could be well addressed by the individuals when they attend the BlackHat World Conference where they would come to know the probable dates when the algorithms are likely to change thus impacting your website rankings.



The above mentioned situations would never be faced by the business owners if they rely on the PPC from the beginning of website development, but one should remember that the organic listings are always powerful than the paid listings.

The other situation where you could find PPC to be more helpful is when you want to check the conversions rates and help them improve fast.

Individuals could always take advantage of the PPC until they are fully comfortable with implementing the SEO standards for their website. When they do not have sufficient budget all that they could do is to set small targets with small campaigns and then slowly grow with creating big PPC campaigns.

It would always be good to look at the various success stories related to the business owners who have used each of the various listings for their businesses. This information gathering process would help you assess better the ROI of the income that is spent on different types of search engine listings. For PPC the investment is money and for SEO the investment is effort and time all of which are very much crucial for the business.

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Frequently asked Interview questions

  1. Who is forensic scientist?

Forensic scientist is known to be a professional and he collects evidence from various crime scenes. They help in analyzing the crime scenes.
There concern is application of various techniques in science field and there guiding principle. They use various advanced technologies and they use various advanced techniques. They help by converting clues into evidence and then evidences are presented in the court. There are various physical proofs which are analyzed and they can be hair, fingerprints, blood.


II. What is the education qualification needed to become forensic scientist?

 The education qualification required is follows;

  • The candidate should pursue secondary education from reputed schools. They should concentrate in science subjects.
  • The candidate should pursue bachelor degree and study subjects like botany, chemistry, and physics in reputed universities.
  • The candidates can pursue Master’s degree if they want to advanced career opportunities and growth in their careers.

III. What are the skills required to become forensic scientist?

Some of the skills required to become forensic scientists are as follow;

  • Challenging and also adventurous.
  • Hardworking.
  • High passion for science.
  • Interest in investigation.
  • Able to present information in understandable manner.
  • Educate the investigation officers about available physical evidence.
  • Help in making appropriate decisions accordingly.
  • Analyzing the physical proofs which were preset in crime scene.
  • Production of logical conclusion.
  • Ability to perform and work in a team.
  • Ability to organize and coordinate while working.

IV. Give details of various interview questions?

  • What do you know about forensic science?
  • Is the knowledge acquired by you is strong enough to work as crime investigator?
  • What skills are essential to become forensic scientist and what skills do you think you posses?
  • What type of approach you will be using to handle any adverse situations?
  • What is the main reason for choosing career in forensic science?
  • What is the average salary drawn by the forensic scientists and how much is the entry level salaries?
  • What is your hobby and what do you do mostly if you get any free time?
  • What is the expectation of a forensic scientist and how would you fulfill those expectations?
  • What do you feel is more challenging and how do you meet those challenges?
  • Which field of forensic science interest you lot example suicide cases, Study of DNA, Study of finger prints, study of various injuries by blunt and sharp objects, laws and methods of autopsy.
  • Describe when you will feel satisfied in the forensic science career.
  • It is essential that forensic scientist possess different type of attitude and this helps in solving investigation cases. So do you feel that you have such an aptitude and if your answer is yes and give a situation where you have displayed such quality.

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Computer Technician Interview Questions


Computer Technician is a highly skilled job, which needs specialized skills in technologies such as hardware, networking, routers, gateways, LAN / WAN / MAN. You need to have strong technical and analytical skills to excel in this profession. Also, one should have a positive attitude, willingness to learn, be keen to travel and to work at odd times. Time management is another import aspect which the organizations look for.

Once after completion of basic degree in Information Technology / Software Engineering / Information Systems, one can apply for a job. The interview is the process, through which the candidate is tested on various parameters. It includes technical know-how, basic concepts knowledge, hands on experience, problem solving skills, soft skills and communication skills.

People are expected to brush up their skills in the areas which they are going to attend the interview. Usually, for fresher’s, there will be interview on basic concepts. For experience, professionals, real time issues are asked to assess their suitability to the job.


The following are the list of questions generally asked in job interviews.

How many hard drivers can be accommodated in a personal computer?

Define microprocessor?

It is a program-controlled device, which brings the instructions from the memory, decodes it and then executes the instructions.

State few examples for 8 / 16 / 32 bit microprocessor?

8 bit processor – 8085 / 6800 / z80

16 bit processor – 8086 / 68000 / z8000

32 bit processor – 80386 / 80486

Define HCMOS?

High- density n –type complimentary Metal Oxide Silicon Field effect transistor.

Explain about types of networks?

Peer-to-peer network – They can act as servers and clients

Server-based network – They can provide central control of network means and rely on server computers to provide security and network administration

What does PING stands for?

PING means Packet Internet Gopher. It is a utility which ensures connectivity between the computers. ICMP is a protocol which works behind PING utility. Under PING, the ICMP protocol sending node sends the packets to the targeted destination node. The reply is received if proper communication is established between the both.

What is the difference between bit rate and band rate?

Bit rate –It stands for the number of bits transmitted during one second whereas band rate refers to the number of signal unites per second which are needed to represent those bits.

What is RIP?

It is a protocol used to exchange information between the routers.

What is the difference between communication and transmission?

Transmission is the physical movement of information related issues such as synchronization, clock and bit polarity etc. Complete exchange of information between the two communication media is called communication.

What are the advantages of the routing tables?

There are three type of routing tables. They are dynamic, fixed and fixed central. Dynamic table alternates its figures based on the network traffic, decreasing the amount of manual maintenance. Fixed table has to be manually modified whenever there is a change. Fixed central table reduces the need to update each machine’s table, as like the fixed table.

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Behavioral interview questions and answers

Most of the employers are asking behavioral questions to the candidate in an interview. Generally, these questions are asked by the employers to determine how the candidate acts in employment-related situations. This article has a very good collection of behavioral interview questions which are answered perfectly. These questions are gathered from various sources and are the frequent questions asked by the employers in an interview. Interview is the opportunity had given to the candidate to prove his talent and skills in the process of getting the job.

1. Tell me how effectively you can work under pressure?

Tremendous pressure faced by the candidate can be determined by asking this question. You must give a best answer for this question by ending the way you overcome pressure. It is not helpful if you describe the burden faced by the pressure. Thus, the candidate must directly come to the point without explaining about the pressure.

2. How you will handle challenge and explain with an example?

This question will test the ability of the candidate to be calm in difficult conditions. The best and appropriate answer for this particular question is ending the challenge with successful note. The quality of challenge is not considered but the way it is handled or completed matters.

3. What big mistake did you do and how did you handle it?

In this question mistake refers to the fact that how effectively can a criticism is handled by the candidate and how often he gets frustration. You must learn from every mistake and without committing mistakes growth is not possible. This answer is the ideal and best answer for them.

4. How did you reach your short term goal and explain me the way you achieved it?

This question gives complete picture about the ambitions and aims of the candidate to the employer. The candidate must say that reaching the goal is first priority. This question must be perfectly answered by giving an example so that your commitment and abilities can be known to them.

5. Explain about the design made by you is not so popular and how did you implemented it?

Employer knows the candidate skills as a team player by asking this particular question. None of the employers will hire the candidate who is selfish. The candidate must give a perfect answer that he takes decisions only after consulting and discussing with others. It is not popular but still the candidate convinced others to implement that, here the convincing skills of the candidate are explored.

6. How do you set your goals and what do you do in achieving them?

The number and quality of goals matters a lot. The candidate’s brownie points can be presented by the innovative ways implemented to achieve goals. You should not keep the large goals such as putting an end to terrorism and global warming because they show overambitious nature of the candidate and completely they are put off.

7. Explain working in a team with an example?

It is the other instance where teamwork plays a major role. The best and ideal answer for this question is telling them about the project you handled your team and you can speak on the individual contribution in developing the project.

8. Give an example of how you motivate co-workers?

It is simple. The candidate must give the answers like he motivates the other staff or co-workers in the organization for even a small achievement. This boosts the self-esteem in the candidate and they can do well in their following work. This kind of thinking can encourage the employer to consider you for this position.

9. How did you handle any difficult situation?

This particular question is asked by the employer to test the mantle of the candidate. Explain then by giving an example wherein calmness is demonstrated by the candidate and handled it effectively after consulting with seniors.

10. How did you manage to meet a tight deadline?

In these situations, punctuality will be helpful. The candidate should speak on his commitment and dedication towards completing the task in the given deadline.

11. How will you prioritize, when you are working on several projects?

The employer knows about the capability of the candidate in setting priorities. The candidate must assign the priority by considering the importance and deadline of the project.

12. Why you ever meet your goals?

The best answer for this question is saying no. But, you can mention about your failure in achieving goal only due to health issues.

13. Do you listen with concentration? Give an example when did you listen or did not listen?

Here, the employer is looking at the listening skills and the concentration of the candidate. The candidate must end the answer saying that his listening skills cannot be affected in any condition.

14. How did you handle when your schedule is interrupted? Explain with an example?

The candidate must give an answer saying that he will inform about the interruption to his subordinates and he must give a perfect example related to a small project else there is a chance to think that you cannot plan the things perfectly by the employer.

It is necessary to keep in your mind that there are no exact answers like right or wrong. Here, the employer is just trying to understand the behavior of the candidate in the given situation. The candidate’s response will determine whether the candidate suits perfectly for the vacancy position in the company or not. The candidate must listen carefully and give honest answers to get employment in a company.

In the present days, clearing the interview process and getting the desired job is not an easy task. The candidate who is facing an interview must have immense knowledge on the subject and possess good communication skills. The candidate who is not good at communication skills cannot get the job as the employers test the candidates even in communication also. This is the right place for the people who are looking for the behavioral questions with suitable answers.

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Common interview questions and answers

Interview is an opportunity has given to the candidate to prove their talent by giving correct answers to all the questions asked by the employers. The candidate must give the best possible answer so that he can beat all the competitors and clears the interview process. Preparation is essential for the student before facing an interview so that he can give perfect answers confidently. The interview questions and answers mentioned in this article are helpful for the candidate to do well in the interview.


1. Tell me about yourself?

It is the most common question asked to the candidate in an interview. It is a very important question which is asked by the employer to get the impression on the candidate. The best way to answer this particular question is be prepared for several times. If the candidate is focused on the skills then the employer mostly concentrates on his accomplishments and must feel comfortable while giving answers. In the campus interviews, you can tell about your school, college and professional studies followed by family members in just one or two sentences. Immediately switch to your achievements in the college in a systematic manner. If you are applying for manager or executive position then you can give a brief introduction about yourself and can speak on the industry experience. Finally, you must also speak in detail on the accomplishments and successes in your previous organization. If you are given time then you can also speak on what will be your contribution for this organization. To create an impression you can make use of these words like energetic, self starter, good communicator, highly motivated and co-operative.

2. What are your strengths?

It is like an easy question but the employer verifies whether your strengths are according to the profile or not. The best answer is to speak on the challenges if that job is given to you. 20 percent of interview success depends on answering this question. Technical expertise, communication skills, computer skills, problem solving skills, listening skills, etc are the strong points. You must give an honest answer and must also elaborate with an example if it is required. Thus, employer can gets better impression on the candidate.

Tell me about your weaknesses?

3. It is a typical question in an interview and you must speak on your weakness in a positive way. Example: software developer can say that he is addicted to programs while doing coding. I sit on it until to gives desired output. I keep on working on it if it is not perfectly executed. Additionally, I refer books and take suggestions from the supervisors. Some of my friends scold me for this reason. So you can frame a best answer in your own way.

4. What did you learn from your mistakes?

Valuable things are learned from the mistakes. You cannot learn new things without committing mistakes. It is risky to make sure that work is done. It is a mistake when I fail. To recover as soon as possible I concentrate on my mistakes and I obtain knowledge from them so that I can help my workers. I learned many things from my childhood to handle risks effectively. I learned responding to the problems and techniques to solve issues. Thus, I was successful in my life.

5. Does a competitive nature there in you?

I have a competitive nature but it is limited to getting the work has done on time. I dominate my co-workers in getting work has done perfectly. I improve my performance by doing the work assigned to me on time. I like to keep my own targets and short term goals. To get success, I will try to double my target after achieving the target. With a competitive spirit, I work for the company using my potentials.

6. Name the books you have read in past few months?

It is better to speak on the books related to management. More plus points are given for you. Technical persons can speak on positive oriented and character oriented books. If you are telling about entertainment books then just speak on a single book instead of all the three books.

7. Do you have a role model?

You must give a role model related to the work. Character and innovative ideas will have a great impact on your life. Speak on his profession after telling his name and then immediately speak on the positive points you like in him. What is his contribution to the society and can also mention from the number of years you know that person. Speak on his impact in changing your lifestyle. Finally, create a good impression by telling where you have studied and how did you know him.

8. Where do you see in the next five years?

You must give a perfect answer for this question. If you do not answer this question perfectly then it shows that you are not perfectly planned your future and shows that you are irresponsible. They are interested in knowing your professional goals. I will see working for this company in the nest five years. It is a great task to satisfy the employer. I take it as a challenge and contribute in the success of the organization for coordinating effectively with the co-workers. To build a strong career, I improve my skills. You should not speak on your education plans or business plans in the next five years.

9. Why you are not good in school or college?

I studied in a best school or college and it is very strict than others. I took part in most of the cultural and sports events. I have received awards for attendance, punctuality, seminars and projects. I understand the value of education and my marks are above average in school or college.

10. What are your hobbies?

This particular question is asked to check your interest area and to test the acquired knowledge in the past. It is not recommended to mention activities which give a negative impression such as stock market trading, internet browsing, late night parties, etc. You must give an honest answer because if you say that you are interested in reading the books then he asks which type of books you read, favorite author, etc. The questions will go in deep and if you will be fired out if those questions are not answered perfectly. If you say tennis as your hobby then the questions raised will be like who is the recent French open winner, length of court, etc. You can speak on the hobby on which you have a good knowledge to create a good impression. Few good hobbies are like plantation, morning walk, etc.

11. Why do you have gaps in your career?

In general, employers have a negative impression that candidate who is having a gap in the academics are not capable or suitable for the job. So it is the responsibility of the candidate to give a convincing answer for that particular question for the employer. Long illness can be said and if you have a good proof then keep it with you. Show the proof to the employer if he asks. You can also show the certifications you did for improving your skills. If you did any project during that period then you can keep the project with you and must be ready to answer all the questions in your project.

12. Can you manage people well?

To manage people effectively, communication skills are mandatory. The fresher can speaks about well managed situations with good examples. Keywords such as skills, goals, etc makes effective. Speak on the techniques to attract workers and get the work has done in the given deadline. You can also speak on your personal experiences. You can speak on the responsibilities you handled in your previous company and the way you interacted with various departments to get the work has done on time. It is better to tell in a simple way.

13. What is your confidence?

In general, this question is asked for the jobs related to management. You can speak on the hard work you did for attaining confidence level preparation. Speak on your logical improvement and the way you became organized and the manner is reflected in your presentation. A great impression can be created if you explain with examples. Employers always observe the body language of the candidate so it is better to be in a right posture.

14. Are you a smart worker or hard worker?

This is the question where you need to balance both. I am hard worker when I look my studies and experiences but I am interested in learning to work smartly. IQ is not the crucial factor for the job. Solving business issues, interacting with people and making appropriate decisions related to the job is crucial. Both smart work and hard work interrelated and are essential for the job.

15. Did you finance for your education?

In general, most of the people complete their education with the finance arranged by the parents but if you do education by taking an education loan or doing some part time job then you can mention it. Your responsibility and systematic approach can be known indirectly with your answer.

16. Are you looking for higher studies?

If you are a graduate then this question will be asked for you as most of the graduates plan for further studies. This question is asked to check out for how many days you are willing to work for the company. You can also tell after gaining sufficient experience I will go for higher studies. I will make use of the opportunity if your company is providing this facility.

The interview questions discussed in this article are the best questions which are discussed in an easy way so that student can understand easily. Today, there is a tough competition for any job and much hard work and through preparation is necessary to get a desired job. The candidate is given assistance in clearing the interview process if he goes through the questions and answers presented in this article.

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Spring interview questions

Today, getting the desired job requires academic excellence and skills to face an interview. Initially, the candidate must have a good percentage of marks in their professional studies to get qualified for attending an interview. Also, the student must have a strong knowledge on all the concepts on the platform on which he is facing the interview. Smart preparation for an interview is necessary so that all the major concepts can be revised quickly. These are the interviews questions and answers helpful for the candidate who is facing an interview on strings platform. All the questions presented in this article are given effective and appropriate answers so that the students can understand them easily.


1. Define spring?

An open source framework which is developed to address enterprise application development complexity is known as spring. Layered architecture is one main benefit of spring framework, which permits you to be selective on the components used while also, offers an organized framework for the development of J2EE application.

2. Define IOC?

IOC is also known as dependency injection and the fundamental concept of inversion of control panel is not to create objects but depict how they are created. The components and services are not connected directly in the code but determine the services required by components in the configuration file. Hooking it up can be done by container. Dependencies can be given to the objects at the time of creation by an external entity that coordinates every object in the system. Thus, dependencies are injected into objects.

3. Name the different types of IOC?

In general, dependency injections are of three types, they are:

Constructor injection:

Dependencies can be given as constructor parameters. The best examples are spring, Pico container, etc.

Interface injection:

Injection is done using an interface. Example is Avalon.

Setter injection:

JavaBeans properties are responsible for assigning dependencies. Spring is a best example.

Setter injection and Constructor are supported by spring.

4. Give the main advantages of spring framework?

The following are the advantages of spring:

  • The architecture of spring is layered. What is required is used and ignore what is not required.
  • POJO programming is enabled by spring. Continual testability and integration are enabled by POJO programming.
  • JDBC is specified by dependency inversion and injection of control.
  • It is an open source and there is no vendor lock-in.

5. Give different modules of spring framework?

  • Application context module
  • MVC framework module
  • Web module
  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Object or relational mapping integration module
  • DAO module and JDBC abstraction
  • MVC framework module

6. Define core container module?

The basic functionality of spring framework is provided by this module. The BeanFactory of this particular module is considered as a heart for all the applications based on spring. The complete framewok is built on top of the module and spring container is responsible for making this module.

7. Define application context module?

Spring framework is made by the application context and the concept of BeanFactory is extended in this module and supports for internationalization messages, validation and application lifecycle events. Several enterprise services such as EJB integration, scheduling, remoting and JNDI access are supplied by this module. A support to other framework is also provided by this module.

8. Define AOP module?

The developing aspects for the applications which are spring-enabled use this module. To ensure interoperability between spring and other AOP frameworks, good support is provided by AOP alliance. Metadata programming is introduced to spring by this module. We can add annotations to source code that instructs spring on how and where to apply aspects is supported using springs metadata.

9. Define JDBC abstraction and DAO module?

The database code is kept simple and clean by using this module and prevents issues that result from failure to database resources. In this module, a new layer of exceptions those are significant on top of error messages given by many database servers. Additionally, springs AOP is used in this module to offer transaction management services for objects in spring application.

10. Define BeanFactory?

An advanced configuration mechanism is provided by BeanFactory which is capable of managing beans of different kinds of storage facility. On the top of the BeanFactory an ApplicationContext is build and other functionalities such as event propagation, integration with springs AOP features, declarative mechanisms and message resource handling are used to create optional parent contexts, ApplicationContext. Additionally, specific contexts of application-layer like WebApplicationContext and other enhancements are created.

11. To control database connection in springs JDBC API, which classes are used?

The following are the classes used to control database connection in springs JDBC API:

  • SmartDataSource
  • DataSourceUtils
  • SingleConenctionDataSource
  • AbstractDataSource
  • TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy
  • DriverManagerDataSource
  • DataSourceTransactionManager

12. Does DAO is supported by spring in hibernate?

For the Hibernate DAOs, the convenient super class is springs HibernateDaoSupport. Handy methods are available to call SessionFactory or Hibernate Session. getHibernateTemplate () is the most convenient method and returns HibernateTemplate. Hibernate checked exceptions are wrapped by this template with runtime exceptions, permitting DAO interfaces to be Hibernate exception-free.

13. Mention the core JDBC classes to control error handling and basic JDBC processing in springs JDBC API?

  • JDBCTemplate
  • DataSource
  • SimpleJDBCTemplate
  • SQLExceptionTranslator
  • NamedParameterJdbcTemplate

14. What is the exception hierarchy of springs DAO?

  • DataAccessResourceFailureException
  • DataRetrievalFailureException
  • DeadlockLoserDataAccessException
  • CleanupFailureAccessException
  • DataIntegrityViolationException
  • OptimisticLockingFailureException
  • InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException
  • IncorrectUpdateSemanticsDataAccessException
  • uncategorizedDataAccessException
  • InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException
  • TypeMismatchDataAccessException

15. Explain the features of spring?

Light weight:

In terms of transparency and size, spring is light weight. Spring framework’s basic version is around 1 MB and processing overhead is negligible.

Inversion of control:

Inversion of control technique is used to achieve loose coupling. Dependencies are given by the objects than looking or creating for dependent objects.

Aspect oriented:

Aspect oriented programming is supported by spring and cohesive development is enabled by separating system services and application business logic.


Configuration and lifecycle of application objects are included and managed effectively by spring.

MVC Framework:

Spring comes with MVC web application which is built on core functionality of spring. Tactics interfaces are used to configure highly this framework and various view technologies such as velocity, JSP, POI, Tiles are accommodated. Spring MVC Framework can be substituted by many other frameworks.

Transaction management:

The basic abstraction layer is offered by spring framework for transaction management. Thus, a developer can add pluggable transaction managers and makes demarcate easy without dealing with the issues at low level. The transaction of springs is not tied to the environment of J2EE and it is also used in the environments of container less.

JDBC exception handling:

A meaningful exception hierarchy is provided by the JDBC abstraction layer of spring which makes error handling strategy simple. The best integration services is provided by spring with JDO, hibernate and iBATIS.

16. Distinguish Bean Factory and Application Context?

The application context is similar to bean factory on surface. But an application context provides more. Application contexts give a means to resolve text messages which include support for those messages. A generic way to load file resources are offered by Application contexts like images. Events to beans can be published by Application Contexts that can be registered as listeners. Specific operations on container or beans in container that must be handled in a programmatic manner using bean factory. It is handled in the application context declaratively. A flexible generic abstraction is used by springs resource interface to effective handles low level resources. In general, application context is considered as a resource loader. Thus, it provides an application which can gain access to resource instances which are deployment specific. MessageSource is implemented by application context which is an interface to get localized messages with actual implementation being pluggable.

These are the most frequently asked questions by the employers in the interviews. These are the technical interviews questions which are helpful for the candidate who is attending an interview on spring platform. Clearing the technical round of an interview process is not an easy task and the candidate must have a dedication and commitment. Students can recollect all the core concepts by going through the questions mentioned in this article. These questions are collected from various sources and it is the best collection.

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Funny interview questions

These funny interviews are conducted to know the capabilities of the candidate and the suitable candidate is hired by the employer. Different set of questions is asked by the employer and you must be ready to answer them perfectly. The questions asked by the employer may be technical, knowledgeable, tough and also funny. But, a meaning is derived from the answer given by the candidate. So be prepared to answer any type of questions you face in an interview. The nature of the candidate can be determined by these set of funny interview questions. These funny interview questions are asked to the candidate to just irritate him. These are asked to test the patience of the candidate and the level of irritation he can manage.

1. How to drop an egg on concrete floor from a good distance without cracking it?

It is very easy. Just drop the egg as the concrete floor will be hard so there is no chance of getting crack to the floor.

2. What do you consider as your weakness?

I consider my weakness as answering silly questions like these.

3. Who can a person goes ten days without sleep?

He can sleep in the night.

4. What happens if you throw red stone in blue sea?

Very easy question, it will sink or becomes wet.

5. If a code can be written in four hours by three men then, how long does it take if six men code it?

It does not take time at all as the code is already there.

6. What looks like a half apple?

Easy, the other half part of the apple.

7. What can be never taken for breakfast?

Dinner cannot be taken as a breakfast.

8. What happened after the invention of wheel?

It resulted in revolution.

9. Why did you apply for this company?

I applied for many companies and now you called me.

10. Why are you interested to work for this company?

I am interested in working for any company which ever gives me job. In my mind I do not have any specifications.

11. Why should I hire you?

You should hire someone for this position so give me a chance.

12. What is your greatest strength?

I am dare to join any company which offers best salary package for me, without thinking fate of that company.

13. What is your greatest weakness?

Alcohol and girls and also I get angry frequently and I even went for jail once.

14. What was your worst mistake and what did you learn from it?

My worst mistake is joining in my previous company and I learned to jump from that company for getting more pay. So, I came here now.

15. What are your accomplishments in your previous company?

If I accomplish anything in my previous then why will I come for an interview here today, I would have demanded for more pay and stayed there only.

16. Tell about a challenge faced by you and how did you beat it?

The greatest challenge I faced is to answer a question “why are you looking for change” and I overcome that situation by talking irrelevantly.

17. What do you expect from this company?

Give me less work and more hikes frequently.

18. What is your career aim and how well you planned to accomplish them?

My career aim is to make more and more money to accomplish that I jump from company to company for every two years.

19. How did you know our company and what do you know?

Yeah, I expected that you will ask me this question and I have gone through your company website.

20. How much salary does you expect and justify that?

Good question, no one will jump to the other company for same salary so give me 30 percent extra than my present salary.

21. Why are you interested in this particular job?

It is very difficult to sit in my house without a job and my pay role officer is back of me. In the present days, it is very difficult to get a job due to tough competition. Within these two years, I have applied for more than 200 positions.

22. Can you tell your experience?

I am a computer illiterate than which is presented on my resume. I do not want to share my experience as it is personal.

23. What is your ideal job?

It is a silly question. I do not know and I do not have yet. I am not interested to sit in the meeting rooms for long time as it is boring for me, doing loads of work, and I do not want to interact and communicate with people.

24. What is your main motivation?

My main motivation is money and the one who say other than this answer is a liar. Salary is more important for me then work.

25. What is your standard working environment?

A good boos and cute women employees to work with?

26. The largest Mississippi river in US is in which state?

Liquid state

27. Do you have any queries about job?

I have many queries

  • What if I woke late in the morning and did not feel to come to office?
  • How many girls are working in this company?
  • Are all the employees in the company is cute like you?

In this article, you can find the funny answers to the questions asked by an employer. These funny questions are gathered from multiple sources and are given funny answers.

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C# interview questions

The C# interview questions and answers mentioned below are helpful for the candidate to clear the technical round of an interview process. It is the best place where you get appropriate and the right answers for the questions asked by an employer in an interview. These questions are collected from different sources and presented in here with best and suitable answers. The questions discussed below are the questions which are most frequently asked by the employer in an interview. The interview questions mentioned below are gathered from the question papers of MNC companies. In general, these questions are from certification questions and are useful for the candidate before facing an interview.


1. What is C#?

In simply, C# is a modern, type-safe and object oriented programming language. This language is familiar to C and C++ programmers. High productivity of Rapid Application Development languages are combined in C#.

2. Give the namespaces used in

Logical grouping of a class is known as namespace.

·         Using System.Windows.Forms

·         Using Systems.Collections.Generic

·         Using system

3. In the .net framework, what is side-by-side execution?

Strong-named assemblies are used in the side-by-side execution to bind the type of information to particular version of assembly. This prevents or avoids a component or an application from binding to an invalid version of assembly.


4. Name the basic concepts of object oriented programming language?

It is mandatory for a programmer to understand the basic and essential concepts of object oriented programming. The following are the basic object oriented concepts that are used extensively:

  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Encapsulation
  • Data abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Message passing and
  • Dynamic binding

5. In C#, inheriting multiple interfaces are possible or not?

Yes, you can inherit multiple interfaces in C#.

6. In .net, how the garbage collector is handled?

Any object whose instance is created and if it is not referenced and reside in the memory than the .net framework organize the instance of an object automatically.

7. Define code group?

The set of assemblies sharing security context is known as code group.

8. Where the .net collection classes are located?

In .net, the collectionof classesis available in System.Collection namespace.

9. Define smart navigation?

The position of cursor is maintained when the page is refreshed due to validation on server-side and the page is refreshed.

10. Differentiate strong-typing and weak-typing?

In the strong typing, the type of variables concerned in operations are related to checked at compile time, variable and need explicit conversion. In weak typing, they are related to value, implicitly converted as needed, checked at run-time.

11. Define boxing and unboxing?

If a value is implicitly converted to reference type then it is called as boxing. Example: converting an integer to object type conversion.

If a reference type variable is converted back to the value type then it is known as unboxing.

12. In .net, what is a base class?

System.object is the base class in .net.

13. Name the type arrays in C#?

  • Jagged arrays
  • Single dimensional and
  • Multi dimensional

14. Does multiple inheritance is supported by C#?

No, C# does not support multiple inheritance and it accepts multi level inheritance.

15. Define ENUM?

ENUM is the keyword which is used to define constants.

16. Define data set?

Data set is in memory representation of data which are loaded from any data source.

17. What is an inheritance?

According to inheritance, the objects of one class acquire the properties of objects of other class.

18. What is a polymorphism?

Polymorphism means single name and different forms. In a program, you can have more than one function with same name. It permits to overload operators so that an operation can show different behaviors in multiple instances.

19. Distinguish method overriding and method overloading?

The behavior of a method for a subclass is changed if you override a method. In simple, overloading is having another method with same name in the same class.

20. Define an abstract base class?

An abstract class is a class which is specially designed to use as a base class. One pure virtual function must be present in the abstract class.

21. Define serialization?

The process in which an object is converted into stream of bytes is known as serialization. De-serialization is opposite to serialization and an object is obtained from stream of bytes. Mainly, serialization and de-serialization is used to transports objects.

22. Differentiate structure and class?

Structures are value type but whereas a class is a reference type. Structures do not have Destructors and constructors but both destructors and constructors are present in classes. Inheritance is not supported by structures whereas classes supports in heritance.

23. Distinguish class and interface?


The local representation of an object is known as a class. A class is a collection of data and related procedures along with their definitions.


Interface is also a class which contains methods without definitions. Class does not support Multiple Inheritance but interface supports it.

24. Distinguish EXE and DLL?

In general, DLL is In-Process component and the EXE is Out-Process component. DLL is for multiple usages and EXE is for a single use. You can start EXE as a standalone but DLL is not a standalone.

25. Define delegates?

Delegates are object-oriented and type-safe implementation of function pointers and are used in various situations where a component must callback the component that is using it.

26. Define authentication and authorization?

Authentication is a process in which users are identified. In authentication, users are identified and validated against credentials such as username and password. Authorization is performed after authentication. In eth process of authorization, access is granted to the users based on the identity. Users are given access to specific resources through authorization.

27. Differentiate static, read-only and constants?

Static: this static value can be assigned or initialized only once.

Read-only: this value is initialized only once from the constructor of that particular class.

Constants: the value of a constructor cannot be changed.

28. Define an interface class?

Interface class is an abstract class containing abstract methods declared as public and is implemented in the inherited classes.

29. Distinguish custom control and user control?

The compile code DLLs are known as custom controls and it is very difficult to create them and easy to use. They are placed in the toolbox. At the design time, attributes are visually set. They are used by multiple applications and are especially designed to provide a common functionality which is independent of consuming application.

User controls are same as ASP which includes files, cannot be placed in toolbox, easy to create. This user control can be shared among the applications of single file.

30. Name different types of caching?

There are three different types of caching:

Data caching:

It is a programmatic approach to cache objects for better performance.

Fragment caching:

A portion of page is stored.

Output caching:

The responses from an page are stored.

These are the questions asked by the employer in the technical round of an interview for the candidate who is attending an interview on C# platform. Typically, these questions are set by the experts and professionals in this programming language. The candidate who is attending an interview for a company in the IT industry on this C# platform must go through these questions. The candidate must have immense knowledge on the core concepts of this language. The candidate must go through these questions for self examining and can face the interview confidently. Thus, the candidate who answers all the questions raised by the employer can clear the technical round of an interview process and is given a chance to attend further rounds. If the candidate clears all the rounds in the interview then he is given a job with attractive salary. The interview rounds of all the companies will not be same and the rounds completely depends on the company.

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J2EE interview questions

Students can improve and strengthen their technical skills by going through the interview questions discussed below. These questions are really helpful for the candidate who is attending an interview. The candidate can quickly revise the concepts by having a glance of these questions. Students can face the interview confidently by reading the questions discussed below.


1. What is J2EE?

It is an environment where enterprise applications are created and developed. The abbreviation of J2EE is Java 2 Enterprise Edition. To develop and deploy enterprise application, this plat form is the greatest one. Sun Microsystems Inc defined J2EE specification. This platform is a set of protocols, APIs, services which provide functionality required for building web-based applications and multi-tiered.

2. What is J2EE module?

J2EE module is a software building block that has more J2EE components of similar container type with deployment descriptor of that particular type. J2EE specification state four characters of modules, they are: EJB module, web module, application client and resource adapter, modules are assembled into the applications of J2EE.

3. What is J2EE component?

The component of J2EE is a collected functional software unit that is maintained by container, and it can be configured at the time of deployment. The following J2EE component part is shown by the J2EE specification: applets and application clients, they run on the client machine. JSP technology and Java Servlet are the web components running on the server machine. The business components such as EJB run on the server.

4. What is bean-managed transaction?

Bean-managed transaction is the boundary defined by the enterprise bean.

5. Name the types of J2EE clients?

  • Clients Applets
  • Wireless clients
  • Web applications
  • Java-Web Start

6. Name the components of web module?

  • JSP files
  • Java classes
  • Web component deployment descriptors and
  • Gif and HTML files

7. What is a container?

Containers are the interface between specific functionality of low-level platform and a component that supports component.

8. Name the services provided by the container?

The services provided by the container are as follows:

  • Database-connection pooling
  • Security
  • Lifecycle management
  • Persistence
  • Remote access
  • Instance pooling for the bean
  • Transaction management for the bean

9. What is deployment descriptor?

Simply, a deployment descriptor is an XML file with .xml extension. Deployment descriptor is read by the application server to deploy the components present in the deployment unit. The setting of EJB is described using ejb-jar.xml file.

10. What is applet?

An applet is the component of J2EE that is executed in a web browser but it can also be executed in different devices or applications supporting applet programming model.

11. Define applet container?

The container that supports applet programming model is known as applet container.

12. Define applet assembler?

Application assembler is a combination of modules and J2EE components into deployable application units.

13. Define application client?

A first-tier J2EE component of client that executes in its java virtual machine is an application client and they have access to APIs of J2EE platform.

14. What is an application client container?

Application client container is the one which supports the components of client.

15. Define application configuration resource file?

The resources for Java Server Faces application are configured using an XML file to register converters, renders, listeners, validator and components with application, define navigation rules for application.

16. Define archiving?

Archiving is the process in which an object state is saved and restored.

17. Define attribute?

An attribute is XML tag qualifier that offers extra information.

18. What is authentication?

The identity of device, user or any entity in a computer system is verified in the process of authentication, usually gives access to system resources as a request. The specification of Java Servlet requires three types of form-based, authentication-basic and mutual- and helps digest authentication.

19. Define Authorization constraint?

The authorization rule that decides who is allowed to gain access web resource collection.

20. Abbreviate B2B?

The abbreviation of B2B is business-to-business.

21. What is basic authentication?

An Authentication procedure in which web server authenticates a unit using username and password acquired using built-in authentication mechanism in web application.

22. Define backing bean?

The component of java beans corresponding to a JSP page that contains Java Server Faces components. The properties for methods that perform processing for component and the components on page are defined by backing bean. Validation, event handling and processing related to navigation are included in this processing.

23. What is binding (XML)?

It generates a code required to manage well-defined part of XML data.

24. Define build file?

It is a XML file containing more than one asant targets. The set of tasks that are to be executed is known as a target. When starting asant, you can choose the target that you are interested in executing it. When there is no target then the default target of the project is executed.

25. What is business method?

It is enterprise bean method implementing rules or business logic of an application.

26. What is business logic?

Business logic is the code implementing application functionality. In the architecture of Enterprise JavaBeans, the methods of an enterprise bean implements business logic.

27. What is caller?

It is similar to caller principal.

28. What is a callback method?

It is a component method which is called by the container to report import events component in its lifecycle.

29. Define cascade delete?

It is a deletion that activates another deletion. It is specified for an entity bean having container-managed persistence.

30. What is comment?

The ignored text unless parser is particularly told to recognize it in an XML document.

31. How MVC design pattern is used in the framework of struts?

In the design pattern of MVC, central controller is responsible for mediating application flow. The requests are delegated to the appropriate handler by the controller. These handlers are tied to model, and they act as an adapter between model and the request. An application business logic or state is encapsulated or represented by the model. Usually, control is forwarded back to an appropriate view by the controller. Consulting set of mappings which are loaded from configuration file or database is determined by forwarding. A loose coupling between model, and view is provided, which make application easy to develop and maintain.

Controller: Servlet controller is the one which is supplied by struts itself.

Model: business logic and system state JavaBeans.

View: which you can see on the screen such as presentation component and a JSP page.

Employers always look for the right candidate who is according to the company requirements. Employers test the candidate on the basic concepts and the interview may be a written technical round or a face to face interview. Clearing the technical round is very difficult and the candidate must have immense knowledge on all the major concepts. The candidate who gives best answers for all the questions raised by the employer is hired by the organization.

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Medical school interview questions

There are numerous interview questions and are categorized into many different types. Questions selected from different categorized are framed different by each medical school. Randomly, the questions are categorized into following types: related to medical, ambiguous, stress-type, academic, personality oriented, miscellaneous, social, problem situations, autobiographical material and ending questions. Before attending an interview in the medical school, it is necessary to have sufficient preparation. Only professional appearance is helpful in an interview. Interviews are conducted to know the goals and personality of the applicant. Before giving admission to the student, the medical school authorities look in the candidate that he is really taking his profession serious or not. In case of medical school teacher, questions are asked to the candidate to check whether he is qualified and experienced to handle teacher job. In this article, you can find questions required for both a student looking for an admission as well as a professional applying for position of a teacher.


The questions asked in a medical school interview for the candidates along with best possible answers are presented below:

1. Why you are interested in getting into medical profession?

This question is asked to the candidate to know whether the student is really interested in medicine or not. The best answer for this particular question is to tell the interviewer in brief about sincere interest of the candidate towards this profession. To bring a positive change in the medicine world, you must continuously work with professionals.

2. Why do you want admission in our medical school?

It is the common interview question in the process of interviewing. Here, you need to speak about the research you made about this particular medical school which proves that it is a good idea to apply to be a student of your school. The must give the information which puts school in a positive light and should be active in forming opinion on the school.

3. Where do you see yourself after completing medical school?

Today, most of the education certificates are not used for multiple reasons. So, all the medical schools are interested in giving a seat to the worthy candidate and ensure, that seat is not wasted. Thus, the medical schools give admission to the right candidate.

4. What qualities are required for medical school and tell me about your challenges?

The candidate must describe hid personal capabilities that are helpful in supporting future experience. Additionally, the candidate should explain his vision after successful completion of medical schooling.

5. Why did you select your career option as a doctor?

They are not looking for the answer as good salary packages. The candidate must take employment as mission to help others. It is considered as an identity of a medical school student and an ideal doctor.

6. Why should we take you into our study program?

In general, for every vacant position in the medical school, there are several applicants. So, the competition is tough and it is difficult to get admission. Say that your school is presented into various competitions and the perfect answer is that you school is into helping the local community.

7. Studying medicine is difficult and time demanding. Can you handle it?

It is not advisable top play a super hero. In reality, medical studies are very tough. So the right answer is to tell that you are aware of the difficulty but you can accomplish your goal with your strong determination of becoming a doctor. All you can say that you are ready to scarify all your free time to study.

8. Describe your volunteering experience?

Select a situation where you had a leadership role and benefited directly on teamwork and efficiency.

9. Give me a challenge in your life and how did you overcome it?

You must be ready to answer questions like this. This is a vital question which shows your ability of handling difficult questions on the spot.


The interview questions and answers that are asked to a candidate who is interested in applying for a teacher position in the medical school are presented below:

10. Do you have previous teaching experience?

Generally, this particular question is asked to know whether the candidate has previous teaching experience or not. Employer can find out which medical school the candidate taught previously and can know whether he is successful in teaching or not.

11. Can you brief your teaching approach?

You can provide brief information on various teaching approaches such as:

  • Teaching small groups
  • Computerized teaching techniques
  • Active analysis
  • Using new material

12. Can you mention your teaching methods and teaching tools?

  • Significant teaching goals
  • Creating syllabus
  • Mile stone objectives
  • Taking feedbacks from the students
  • Designing lectures
  • Conducting exams
  • Implementing various learning tools

13. Why are you interested in teaching in our school?

Generally, this question is asked to find what the candidate knows the medical school in which he is attending an interview. Here, you must share all the positive aspects of that particular school that you know or found out doing some research on the web. Additionally, you can speak what difference you can make to your career by teaching in this school.

14. Explain your ideal career?

Speak on your interests, skills that are usual to you, realistic issues or opportunities you expect in this medicine. Also talk about you desire to learn from those experiences.

15. How to spend your free time?

This question may have a multiple purposes. Here, the medical school authorities are trying to know personal life of the candidate. They want to know how well you are in both professional and personal lives. Concentrate on few standard hobbies or activities you are mostly involved in such as tennis, reading, golf, opera, music, collecting, cooking and gardening.

16. Tell me the best thing in you?

You can give an answer like this as you are good at doing multiple tasks simultaneously in an effective manner.

You can find interview questions and answers required for both a person looking for an admission into medical school and applying for a teacher position. You are at the right place where you can get the best and perfect answers for the interview questions. The answers are presented in an easy manner so that everyone can understand easily. Today, most of the medical schools are conducting interviews for the candidates before giving an admission to test the abilities of the candidate. The candidate who does well in an interview is given admission into the school because medical school authorities do not want to waste the seat by giving it to unfit student. Similarly in hiring a teacher, they look for the best teacher who are give their best in teaching and who can contribute in the success of student. These questions are common questions which are asked in an interview process. These interview questions presented in this article helps in clearing the interview process.

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JavaScript interview questions

The below mentioned interview question and answers on JavaScript are the frequent questions that are asked by the employers in an interview. The students who are attending an interview can get benefit by going through these questions. The questions are answered perfectly in an easy and effective manner. These questions are collected from different sources and presented in this article. In the present days, it is a very difficult task to get the job due to heavy competition. Employers always hire the candidate who is having good knowledge and skills and also the candidate must be according to the requirements of the company. These are the questions asked in the technical round of an interview.

  1. Explain JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language of general-purpose which is designed to allow programmers of different skills to control software objects behavior. Today, this language is used mostly in web browsers whose software objects represent various HTML in a document. But, this language is used with different kinds of objects in other environments. Adobe Acrobat Forms make use of JavaScript as its main scripting language to join the unique objects to the generate forms by Adobe Acrobat. Thus, it is crucial to distinguish JavaScript from objects it communicates with specific environment. The scripts are inserted directly into the HTML documents and can be downloaded to browser with the rest of HTML content and tags, when it is used for web documents.

  1. How java is different from JavaScript?

Java was developed at Sun Microsystems but JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape. Common syntax is shared by these two languages and developed independently for different users. Java is considered as a full-fledged programming language customized for network computing. It has several objects, which includes objects to create user interfaces that appear in standalone Java applications and Java applets. JavaScript relies on any environment in which it is operated for user interface such as a web document form elements. Initially, JavaScript was called as LiveScript at Netscape when it was in the development stage. Different tools are used by the programmers for Java and JavaScript. These two languages does not depend on each other but planned for different purposes.

  1. Use JavaScript, read and write a file?

Using client-side JavaScript, I/O operations such as reading or writing a file is not possible. But, you can do this by coding java applet that reads file for script.

  1. How to detect OS on client machine?

The navigator.appVersion string is used to detect the OS on the client machine.

  1. Name the types of JavaScript?

String, number, function, Boolean, null, object, undefined.

  1. Distinguish JavaScript and Jscript?

JavaScript and Jscript languages are almost same. Netscape developed JavaScript and a new scripting language was implemented by Microsoft, and they named this scripting language as Jscript.

  1. Distinguish server side JavaScript and client side JavaScript?

Basic language and predefined objects are included in client side JavaScript which are applicable to run JavaScript in the browser. Using HTML tags, client side JavaScript is directly embedded.

  1. Where the cookies are stored on hard disk?

The cookies storage on hard disk depends on browser and OS.

  1. How to set background color on the HTML document?

To set appropriate color, document.bgcolor property is used.

  1. What is an isNaN function?

If the argument is not a number then a true value is returned by this function.

  1. Define negatively infinity?

In JavaScript, it is a number which is obtained by diving negative number by zero.

  1. Distinguish GET and POST methods in HTML forms?

GET: in a qurystring, parameters are passed. The data, which is sent via GET method, is about 2kb.

POST: here, parameters are passed in request body. There is no limitation of data that can be transferred via POST. But, there are restrictions on maximum data, which is transferred in value pair.

  1. Differentiate window.onload and onDocumentReady?

Onload event will not get fired until the last piece of page is loaded including images and CSS, before executing any code there is much delay. That is not required and we wait until DOM is loaded and can be manipulated. It is permitted to do by the program using onDocumentReady.

  1. Distinguish undefined value and null value?

Undefined value means a variable is declared but a value is not assigned for it where as null is an assignment value. It is assigned to a variable to represent no value.

Null and undefined are two distinct types: null is an object and undefined is a type itself. The variables which are not initialized by JavaScript with undefined as a default value. A value is never set to null by the JavaScript which is done programmatically.

  1. What is namespacing in JavaScript and where it is used?

It is a bad and evil practice to use global variables in JavaScript. All your functionality is bundled using namespacing with a unique name. Namespace is just an object that is attached to further objects, properties and methods in JavaScript. In the application, code reuse and modularity are promoted by it.

  1. Name the data types used in JavaScript?
  • String
  • Number
  • Null
  • Undefined and
  • Boolean

The candidate who is good at these questions can face the interview confidently. This article is helpful for the student to revise the concepts quickly before facing an interview. Every student attends the interview with a desire of getting the job but the job is given only to the best candidates out of them. Sometimes the candidate who gives all correct answers for the questions asked by the employers are also not given the job because they give job to the right candidate who gives the best answer.

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Customer service interview questions


In the present days, there is good demand for customer service jobs and you find customer service in various aspects of business. These representatives are employed in several companies across the world. The basic requirements for this job position are communication and computer skills. Additionally, listening skills are also essential for this particular job position. This article is helpful for the beginners who are looking for the job. The candidate who is looking for the job for customer service representative position must go through the questions discussed in the below session. These are all the questions collected from various sources and are given best answers.


  1. How to handle angry customer?

The candidate must be capable to manage an angry customer. You must have much patience to listen to his problem.

  1. Are you ready to do extra work other than assigned to you?

The candidate must always be ready to do the extra work as assigned innovatively.

How you will handle a person who is asking the details that are out of your company?

The candidate must be capable to turn the query of the customers to something related to the company. Additionally, he should not be trapped.

  1. Have you felt anytime that you can solve particular problem in a different way that no one thought of?

Ideas must be expressed effectively by the candidate and must be in a position to give related examples from his experience with his innovation to solve issues differently.

  1. How to start a conversation with the customers?

It is mandatory to have excellent communication and language skills to attract customers to acquire the details they require.

  1. If you cannot do the task of an esteem customer, how will you tell him?

It is the duty of the candidate to convey the message in a polite manner and explain the situation carefully.

  1. How to handle negative feedback from angry clients?

The candidate must be capable to manage the customer complaints effectively without being dominated. You should not overwhelmed by a critical customer.

  1. Tell me the time when you did extra things which are apart from the routine tasks assigned to you, did that work is beneficial for the customer?

Candidate must put additional effort to offer complete and better service to the customers.

  1. Did you feel anytime that the existing systems and solutions are not enough to meet the customer requirements in the deadline?

The candidate must show that he takes initiation and has an ability to change existing systems for enhancing customer satisfaction.

  1. Can you explain the way you start your communication with the customers?

The candidate must have efficient skills to develop professional and healthy relationship with co-workers and the customers. You must be passionate to build a strong and large customer base.

  1. What you will do if you had to turn down request from the client?

The candidate must be well-mannered and he should be in a position to explain the situation to the client. They must be stick to the policies of the company. You must be reliable to the customers.

  1. How to deal with unsatisfied customer?

In this customer service position, sometimes you need to deal with aggressive people in an effective manner. The best answer is that you approach him, smiley, be calm and you must uncover the reason of his dissatisfaction. After uncovering reason, try to clear his issue or call the experience staff in your company to handle this particular situation effectively.

  1. Can you do anything extra to make the customers happy and satisfied?

In the present days, there is a tough competition. By asking these kinds of questions employers identify your skills and verify whether you are the right person for that particular position or not. The best option is to make the customer feel better and can also say that you would try to present an unexpected gift. Hand shake is a great thing for the people and it is considered as a gesture of friendship.

  1. What is the key to the success of retail business among product value, price and communication?

The best possible answer for this particular question is both the value of product and the price. But, the candidate who is facing an interview in the department of customer service must have a good communication skill.

  1. Role play

Whether you like it or not, role play is popular exercises that appear in most of the customer service interviews. You are given a role of customer service assistant and the employers take a specific role of a customer who has a specific requirements and desires. To do well for this question, it is better to practice with your friend before attending an interview. It is always recommended to stay patient, communicative, problem solving oriented and smiley. The candidate will have more chances of getting the job if you present this kind of behavior in an interview.

The interview questions presented in this article are the most frequent questions asked by the employers in an interview. The candidate is given job only after clearing the interview process. It is suggested to go through the interview questions mentioned in this article for clearing the interview process. These questions are discussed by giving a best possible answer which can be easily understood.

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Personal interview questions

Interviews are stressful and the person who attended countless interviews also feels the same. The candidate who is well prepared in advance can face the interview confidently without feeling stress. It is better to go through some standard questions which are frequently asked by the employers in an interview. Also, it is necessary to do some research on the company in which you are giving an interview. A right career advice is essential for you to avoid mistakes in an interview. Interview is the critical stage before getting into a new job. The candidate who is good at the subject and prepared well can face the challenge easily. The following are some of the personal interview question helps to face an interview confidently.

1. Go through your profile?

It is the most common question asked in the interviews. You must prepare a small statement about yourself in the mind well in advance so that you can answer this question perfectly. Make sure that your words are not repetitive. Speak only work related things unless it is instructed by the employer. Speak about your education background and previous work experience if any. Must speak the things relating to the position, you are attending for an interview. This question can also be asked like Tell me about yourself.

2. What is your strength?

You can find many answers for this question. Ability to sort, working under pressure, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, professional expertise, positive attitude, focusing on projects are the best examples to answer this particular question. Here, you can speak on your capabilities.

3. What is your weakness?

This question is trickiest and the good negative question which should be answered positively. It is mandatory to speak about one of your weaknesses in a positive way. Example, if you take long time for completing any task by doing appropriate research then you can convert it saying about the perfectionism of your work.

4. Why are you leaving present job?

It is necessary to remain positive despite all circumstances. You should not speak on the major issues with the management and bad about co-workers, supervisors or about the organization. If you speak on these issues then you will become bad. Keep a small smile on your face and take positively to leave this position such as a chance to do special or any reason which is positive and forward-looking.

5. Are you a successful person?

The best answer is YES and, explains briefly the reason why you are successful. The perfect answer is like, you have some short term goal and achieved some and you are in the track of achieving other goals.

6. What do you know our company?

This question can be answered only if you research some information before attending an interview. Get information about the company such as their location and the goal of the organization. Know about the present issues handled by the company and who is the founder of that company. Also get information on the key players in the company.

7. Do you have any experience in this field?

Speak about the specifics related to specific position you are applying for. If you do not have related experience then get close as much as you can.

8. Are you looking for any other jobs?

It is advised to give an honest answer but do not spend much time in this section. Mainly, you must concentrate on this particular position and the contribution you can do for this organization. If you speak other than this, then it is a disturbance.

9. How long you can work for this organization if hired?

Here, specifics are not good. You can say like, I would like to work for a long time as long we both think that my work is good.

10. Why should I hire you?

Point out your assets according to the requirements of the organization. You should not mention any candidate for comparison.

11. Are you ready to relocate if required?

You must be very clear about this question by speaking with your family well in advance. You should not tell yes just for getting the job if the actual answer is no. This may create many issues in future for your career. So it is mandatory to give an honest answer.

12. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Answer this question perfectly by relating yourself with the position and the company you in which you are taking an interview. In this way you can show them loyalty.

13. Do you have any personal goals?

Here, you should not speak personal goals related to your family. You need to answer relating everything to your professional life itself.

14. Are you interested in working alone or groups?

It is suggested to represent always as a team member because a company of several employees cannot be run successfully on the shoulders of single person.

15. What did you do in the last year to improve your knowledge and skills?

Here, you must include the activities related to the job. You can speak on various activities for a positive self-improvement. It is necessary to prepare well in advance attending an interview.

16. Do you know anyone working for our organization?

Make sure to know your relatives or friends working for the organization in which you are giving an interview. Mention your friend name only if they are well thought of.

17. What is more important for you: work or money?

You can answer in this way: always, money is important but most important is work. This is the perfect answer for this particular question.

18. How much salary you expect?

It is a loaded question and you need to be answered perfectly. It is a nasty game played by the employer and there are some chances to loose job if you answer first. So, you should not answer this question first. Instead, you can speak like this, it is tough question and can you tell me the salary range offered for this particular position. If the employers tell you a range then you can select from it.

19. Are you a team player?

Yes, you are a team player. Make sure to have some examples ready with you.

20. How you would be an asset to this company?

You must be eager to answer this question. It is an opportunity had given for you to speak your key points related to this particular position. A little advanced thought is necessary for this relationship.

21. Tell me any best suggestion you have made?

You must be ready with a good suggestion. Make sure to use the perfect suggestion that is well accepted and then consider it as successful.

22. Have you ever been asked to leave a company?

You must give an honest answer. Say no, if you have not asked. You should not speak negatively about the people or the organization.

23. Do you think you can do well at this job?

Here, you can give many reasons and speak about your skills, interests and experience related to the work and this position.

24. Are you ready to work under pressure?

You can speak on some cases where you have succeeded by working under pressure. Give an example where you succeeded in handling particular situation related to the position you are applying for.

25. Are you ready to work over time? Night shifts?

It is up to you. If you are ready you can sat yes else no, but give an honest answer.

You can find a list of personal interview questions along with answers. These are simple and appropriate answers which can be used in an interview. The candidate who is good at subject may clear the technical round of an interview but he cannot perform well at HR round. Finally, he fails to clear HR round so there is no change of getting the job. So it is mandatory to clear even HR round of an interview by the candidate to get the job.

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Core Java interview questions

In the present days, there is an increase in the IT and programming job market and most of the multi national companies are hiring the right students by offering good salary packages. These companies hire the candidate by filtering from thousands of students so it is a tough task to clear interview process. Different questions are collected from various sources by the companies and frame the best questions according to their requirement. So, the questions and answers presented in this article are really helpful for a student who is attending an interview. These are the most frequent core java questions asked to the candidates in an interview. All the questions are given best and appropriate answers which are useful to clear the technical round of an interview.


1. What is the key feature of Java?

The key feature of Java is platform independent.

2. What is platform independence?

Platform independence is writing and compiling the Java code on one platform and executing class in any other platform. For example if a programmer is writing and compiling the code on the windows platform then he can execute class is other platforms such as Solaris, LINUX, etc.

3. Define Java Virtual Machine?

JVM is the run time environment for complied java class files.

4. JVM is platform independent or not?

JVM is not platform dependent and it is a run time implementation in a specific platform which is provided by vendor.

5. Distinguish JVM and JDK?

JVM is completely a run time environment and you cannot compile source files using JVM whereas JDK is Java Development Kit used for development purpose and it has execution an environment.

6. Define transient variable?

A variable that is not serialized is known as transient variable.

7. Define synchronization and its importance?

The ability to control the access of multiple threads to shared resources with respect to multithreading is known as synchronization. One thread can modify shared object whereas other thread is updating object’s value. Often, it leads to errors.

8. Null is a keyword or not?

Null is not a keyword.

9. What is component preferred size?

Component preferred size is minimum component size that allows component to display normally.

10. Define pointer and does java support pointers?

Pointer points to a memory location. If the pointers are not handled properly then it results in reliability issues and memory leaks. Java language does not support pointers.

11. Do you find Multiple Inheritance in Java?

Multiple Inheritance is not supported by Java language.

12. Java is pure object oriented or not?

Primitive data type is used in Java language so it is not a pure object oriented language.

13. What are arrays?

Arrays are considered as objects in Java language.

14. Can you declare a class as static?

You cannot declare a class as static. A variable or method or block of code can be declared as static.

15. When will you declare a method as static?

A method is created as static only when you are interested in gaining access to a method before creating an object for that particular class.

16. What restrictions are imposed on static block of code or method?

A method which is declared as static is not referred to instance variables without creating instance and to refer the instance, you should not use “this” operator.

17. Define static variable?

Static variables are variables within a class where objects of that particular refer to same variable. If you change the value of one object then change can be noticed on all the objects.

18. Define abstract class and its purpose?

An abstract class is a class with do not have complete implementation. Abstraction is enforced by abstract class.

19. Can you declare an abstract class as final?

It is not possible. An abstract with final keyword is useless as inheritance gets stopped and finally, results in compile time error.

20. Define abstract variable?

You cannot declare variables as abstract. You can declare methods and classes as abstract.

21. Is it possible to create an object for an abstract class?

It is not possible to create object for abstract classes. You cannot instantiate abstract classes.

22. Can you create an abstract class without abstract methods?

It is possible. This is to avoid instance creation of class.

23. Can you declare a method inside an interface as final?

It is not possible to do like this. If you declare then it results in compilation error. Methods in an interface are declared only using the access modifiers such as abstract and public.

24. Can an interface implements other interface?

An interface cannot implement other interface as interfaces do not provide implementation.

25. Interface extending other interface is possible or not?

Yes, it is possible because an interface can inherit other interface. Here, interface can extend many interfaces.

26. Can a class extend multiple classes?

It is not possible to like this. Class can implement numerous interfaces but it can extend only one class.

27. Can you declare an interface as final?

No, it is not possible. If you declare an interface as final then it results in compilation error.

28. Can you define an interface inside a class?

Yes, it is possible to declare an interface inside a class.

29. Define marker interface?

A interface without declaration inside but it implements a mechanism is known as marker interface.

30. Can you declare an abstract class without abstract methods?

Yes, this way you can avoid creation of an instance of a class.

31. Define a package?

A collection of related classes and interfaces is known as a package. In a java class, package should be declared first.

32. Default package imported is?

The default package imported is java.lang package. Thus, this package is imported without declaring it.

33. If you declare a class as private access modifier, can you access it outside the package?

No, it is not possible. The class which is declared as private in one package cannot be accessed outside the other package.

34. Can you declare a class as protected?

You cannot declare a class as protected and only you can declare methods as protected.

35. What is protected method access scope?

A protected method is accessed by classes in the package or the subclass of any other package.

36. Why do you declare a variable as final?

If you declare a variable as final then its value cannot be changed. You must initialize variables which are declared as final before using them.

37. Why do you declare a method as final?

You cannot override the method which is declared as final. A subclass should not have a signature of same method with different implementation.

38. What you should do when you do not want to inherit your class?

You can stop inheritance by declaring your class using final keyword. A final class cannot be extended by any class.

39. Can you cast byte object to double value?

No, it is not possible. You cannot cast an object to primitive value.

40. Distinguish non-static and static inner class?

Non-static inner classes have object instances related to instances of class’s outer class whereas a static inner class does not have object instances.

41. Define % operator?

It is referred as remainder or modulo operator. It gives the remainder by dividing first operand by second operand.

42. Which class is extended by other classes?

Any class can extend an object class.

43. Define casting?

In general, there are two different types of castings like the casting between object references and casting between primitive numeric types. In the numeric types of casting, large values are converted to smaller values. Example: large value such as a double can be converted into smaller values like byte. Object reference casting refers to an object by an interface, compatible class or an array type reference.

44. Define down casting?

Casting from a general to specific type is called as down casting.

45. Define native method?

It is a method which is implemented in a language other than Java.

46. Distinguish window and frame?

Window is extended by frame class to define main application window which is having a menu bar.

47. Can a reachable object be garbage collected?

A reachable object can never be garbage collected. The objects which are not used for longer time is removed by the garbage collector.

In the above session, core java questions and answers essential for clearing the technical round for both fresher’s and experienced candidates are discussed in detail. The candidate can improve their technical skills and can revise the concepts quickly by going through these questions. Many candidates who come for the interview give the answer for the questions asked by the employer but the job is given to the candidate who is given the best and appropriate answer.

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PL/ SQL interview questions

The candidates applying for the role of PL/SQL developer in a company need to face some questions related to the subject during the technical interview process. The applicant needs to have sound knowledge on the various aspects of the SQL language. The candidate needs to have the perfect answer to some prevalent questions placed by the interviewer in the technical round. The article below depicts the exact answers for the basic questions and aid the applicant in clearing the technical round.


The most frequently asked pl sql questions are given below:

1. What is the basic query types used in the pl sql programming?

The basic queries that are used in pl sql programming are

  • Normal queries
  • Sub queries
  • Nested queries
  • Compound queries

2. Brief about the pl sql?

The pl sql is the oracle’s procedural language extension made to the sql. This programming language is mainly used in storing fields and retrieving information from the database. It is an object oriented programming languages provides the features such as encapsulation, functional overloading and inheritance. This language is mainly used in developing several tools related to the oracle server.

3. What are the new features added in the pl sql 10g?

The updated features of the pl sql 10g when compared to pl sql 9i are

  • The functions related to the Regular expression are added that includes REGEXP_INSTR and REGEXP_REPLACE
  • Warnings during the compile time
  • Compilation of nested queries
  • The PLS_ integer is referred same as BINARY_INTEGER
  • Addition of indices
  • Quoting mechanism

4. What are the basic sql statements?

Generally there are two types of statements used which are further divided into several commands

  • DDL (data defining language) – create, delete etc
  • DML (data manipulating language) – insert, update, drop etc

5. What is a transaction in pl sql programming?

A transaction is defined as set of statements that are inserted between the two COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements.

6. What is a trigger and why it is used in pl sql?

The trigger is the named program that gets executed when an event occurs in the database. The basic uses of the triggers are

  • It performs validation on the changes made to the field sin the tables of the database
  • It automates the database maintenance
  • Application of rules related to execute database administration activities

7. What are the common DDL statements used in the pl sql programming?

The prevalent DDL statements include

  • CREATE TABLE- this command creates new database table with the specified table name
  • ALTER TABLE- alters the values of desired field as per user instructions
  • DROP TABLE- deletes a table from the database
  • CREATE INDEX- creates an index for easy search
  • DROPINDEX- deletes indexes that are created previously

8. What is a cursor?

Oracle uses a specific work area to run the SQL statements given by the user and it stores the processing data. By using cursor you can retrieve data from more than one row of the pl sql blocks.

9. What are the types of cursors?

The cursors are of two types that include

  • Implicit cursor: this cursor is an inbuilt cursor and it comes from the oracle software for accepting queries from the users. They are used to access only single record.
  • Explicit cursor: this cursor is user defined and to obtain more than one record, the explicit cursors are to be created by the user.

10. What are the advantages of the pl sql?

Pl sql has many advantages over the basic sql, the main difference is pl sql is the procedural language where as sql doesn’t’ have object oriented features.

  • Block structure: the main benefits of using pl sql, we can write blocks code that are nested. These blocks can be modified according to the user instructions.
  • Procedural capability: the pl sql supports the procedural concepts such as loops, conditional statements, encapsulation, inheritance and all other object oriented features.
  • Performance: pl sql engine can process multiple statements at a time there by increasing the performance.
  • Error handling: the pl sql can handle errors, exceptions and intimates the user while program execution. If an exception or error is caught, a message is displayed that give the complete information about the exception or error. The user track backs and removes the exception form the program.
  • Platform independent: pl sql can run on any operating system. It may be windows, Linux, Unix etc.

11. What is the basic structure of the pl sql?

The basic structure of the pl sql is the block structure it self. In pl sql we can write program using the nested blocks.

The pl sql block structure is


– declare the entire variables that you wish to use in the program



–application logic required for the program is written in this block



—handle the exception for successful execution of the program



Note: the exception handling part can be exempted as we can write the code without any exceptions.

12. Give the common difference between sql and pl sql?

Sql is the structured query language that is a combination of Data definition language (DDL) and Data manipulation language (DML). The DDL is to define the schemas and queries and DML is defined for manipulating or modifying the data.

On other hand pl sql is the procedural extension of the structured query language (SQL). The object oriented features that include encapsulation, inheritance, exception handling, overloading etc. pl sql is used in development of application and whereas the sql is used of the creating databases and maintain databases.

13. What is the difference between procedure and function?

While writing a program, the function is expected to return a value based on the program code where as the procedure can return or may not return a value. Functions are in built and the procedures are user defined.

14. Why triggers are used in the pl sql programming?

Triggers are the stored procedures that come with the oracle package and they get into action before or after an event occur.

15. What is a package and package structure?

Package is defined as the database object that calls the related procedures in the package by specifying the package name. There are several advantages of the packages such as modularity in the program, applications designing, reusability and good performance.

The package usually comprises of two parts that are package specification and package body

  • Package specification part consists of the declarations that are local to schema.
  • Package body part consist the actual procedure and variables declaration, cursor declaration and logical code that is useful for the execution of the program.

16. Why synonyms are used in pl sql programs?

The synonym is the other name of the table and they are used for securing the sequences, views and procedures. The synonyms are of two types.

  • Public: they are created by the database administrator and are accessible to everyone
  • Private: they are created by the users and only the authorized user modifies or deletes data from the tables or program.

17. What are the commit, rollback and save point in pl sql?

  • Commit is the event that makes the data stored in the database to the data in the form and it involves writing data in to databases and then committing. During the commit even, eth forms undergo checking validations and usually it is done for uniqueness and consistency.
  • Rollback can stop current work in the transaction.
  • Save point is a particular point at which the transaction can be rolled back without rolling back the complete transactions.

18. When join is used and what are the different types of joins?

Join is a frequently used query that helps in retrieving data from multiple tables by joining the tables.

The basic join functions used in pl sql are

  • Self join- it is used to join the tables within itself
  • Equi join- helps in joining tow tables by equalizing the two common columns of different tables
  • Outer join- used for joining two tables and helps in retrieving data from rows of the other tables if they don’t have join value.

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